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Purchasing a property in Turkey may be more complicated than in your own country and contain some obstacles for foreigners unfamiliar with  Turkish property law and business style. However, we can smooth this process for you, ensuring that you are fully protected legally and accurately advised at all stages of the purchase, that the actual contract is correctly written, and that all requisite title searches, surveys, and other tasks are undertaken promptly. 

As Ceyda YG Law Office, we provide our clients legal support for all kinds of real estate investment in Turkey opportunities, including acquiring property with our real estate lawyers.

Our Antalya Turkish property law firm, within the scope of construction law, deals with real estate sales and preliminary sales contracts, solving problems with other public institutions such as Land Registry Offices and municipalities. Also, our Turkish property lawyers, who speak English, provide comprehensive legal consultancy and attorney services.

As Ceyda YG Law Office, we review the property deeds, intellectual property rights in Turkey, and zoning plan notes and represent our clients in all proceedings and transactions such as purchase, sale, lease, management, administrative and governmental permission, title and cadastral requirements, and construction permissions. 

As a law firm, Our property lawyer can further assist you in obtaining a Turkish residence permit if required. If you are a property owner in Turkey, you are advised to get a legal consultation on Turkish inheritance law, as Turkish law will apply.

Turkish Property Lawyer Services 

As the Turkish Property Law Office, our lawyers specialising in property law allow our foreign clients to transfer property, purchase/sell, establish rights, etc. It provides professional legal consultancy services on the issues.

Our Services include:

  • Conduct the requisite checks at the Land Registry and Municipality Offices to ensure that the vendor is legally entitled and authorised to sell the property.
  • Investigating, arranging, and confirming that the property has the necessary zoning and housing planning approval, construction permits, habitation certificates, etc.
  • Ascertaining that the property is not restricted by debts, liens, or conflicting property rights and that no taxes are due to be paid on the property.
  • Preparing the sales contract.
  • Obtaining a tax identification number and opening a local bank account.

  • Transferring the title deed into the name of the new owner(s).

  • Property sale and/or purchase foreign funds transfer assistance.

  • Property valuation assistance for Turkish residency compliance.

  • Applying for a residence permit on your behalf.

  • Connecting your utilities and arranging billing.

  • Providing advice on the management of the board of property owners.

  • Identity card or passport (with notarised and certified translation) of the parties or their authorised representatives – for foreigners, the tax number has to be presented

  • Earthquake insurance (DASK).

  • Information sheet for foreign buyers and sellers.

  • Title deed declaration.

  • Approved valuation report for foreign buyers and seller.

  • Official valuation report of the municipality administration.

Why Choose Cedya YG Law Office for Buying Real Estate Property in Antalya, Turkey?

Investing in real estate is not simple at all. It requires detailed research and careful choices. Therefore, getting support from an expert during the investment process is always best. Experience in the real estate sector, effective communication, and city and market knowledge can carry you to a profitable future. Ceyda YG Law Office meets all these requirements as the best real estate legal advisor in Antalya, Turkey and always maintains our service quality with our professional employees. We offer customer service ​​for those from all over the world to take advantage of opportunities in Turkey. Real estate in Turkey for foreigners meets with foreign investors through the Ceyda YG Law Office

We can provide all the necessary support, from selecting the real estate you want to buy to the house’s ownership and finalising the process. We are happy to help you with our experience and expert team in the field in case of any problems you may encounter in following up the works facing a legal issue in all this complex process that has to be dealt with by many official institutions.

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We Breathe New Life into the Sector

This is how the real estate purchase process works, but you may wonder if I can get Turkish residency by buying a property. How long can you stay in Turkey if you own a property? It is possible to apply for a residence permit and citizenship by purchasing real estate in Turkey. However, the immovables must be above a specific value to use for these. For this reason, if you are buying real estate to obtain a residence permit and citizenship, we strongly recommend seeking legal advice before purchasing. Because if you buy real estate without taking necessary actions, you will likely lose your rights. For more detailed information about residence permit and citizenship applications, you can read our articles on these issues or call our office.