Probate & Inheritance Law Antalya, Turkey

In Turkey, whether the deceased left a will or not, the heirs must first obtain an inheritance certificate from the courts to inherit the deceased’s estate. An inheritance certificate is a court decision stating the heirs of the deceased and their shares of the estate. To get that decision, you must provide certificates from the dead’s country and the heirs with Apostilles. (An Apostille is a form of authentication issued from the country where the certificate was issued.)

The heirs cannot sell or transfer the estate of the deceased before the estate is transferred in their name. Also, the inheritance tax must be paid to sell or to transfer the inherited estate.

If the deceased did not leave a will, the judge will decide that the movables of the deceased shall be distributed according to the dead’s national law. According to Turkish Law, the immovable of the deceased will be distributed within the legal heirs.

Probate & Inheritance law attorney Antalya, turkey

We assist you with legal proceedings anywhere in Turkey regarding the transfer of property or other Estate after the death of a foreign person and obtaining a Turkish probate/Turkish certificate of inheritance.

Estate and Property Transfer Services for Foreigners in Turkey

Our Inheritance law service in Antalya offers comprehensive legal assistance for transferring property and estate assets in Turkey following the passing of a foreign individual, including acquiring a Turkish probate certificate of inheritance.

Meeting the Needs of a Growing Foreign Community

 With the increasing number of foreigners purchasing property and residing in Turkey, we address the legal inquiries and challenges faced by the relatives and heirs of deceased foreigners who held property or bank accounts in the country.

Navigating Complex Inheritance Procedures

Transferring property title deeds and accessing funds from a deceased foreigner’s bank account can be intricate due to Turkey’s legal and procedural system. We guide foreign heirs through the bureaucracy involved in the inheritance process in Antalya.

Obtaining the Turkish Certificate of Inheritance

Upon the passing of an individual in Turkey, whether they were Turkish or foreign, legal heirs and beneficiaries must obtain a Turkish certificate of inheritance. The Turkish Tax office must follow the procedural law after receiving the Turkish determination of heirship from the court. Then, the transfer procedure can start by taking both the certificate of inheritance and tax dismissal document to the title deed office and the bank. We handle such cases with our experienced probate and inheritance lawyers in Antalya, Alanya, Kaş, Serik, Side, Fethiye, Kalkan, and Kemer Citizenship by Investment in Turkey.

Ceyda YG Law Firm Antalya Inheritance Law Services

  • Obtaining a certificate of inheritance

  • Making a will

  • Cancellation of the will

  • Filing a reduction lawsuit

  • Preparation of an inheritance waiver agreement

  • Annulment of inheritance certificate

  • Filing a lawsuit for denial of inheritance

  • Filing lawsuits for lousy faith transfer

  • Preparing contracts for taking care of till death

  • Preparation of inheritance contracts

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