Real Estate

Purchasing a property in Turkey may be more complicated than in your own country and contain some obstacles for foreigners unfamiliar with  Turkish property law and business style. However, we can smooth this process for you, ensuring that you are fully protected legally and accurately advised at all stages of the purchase, that the actual contract is correctly written, and that all requisite title searches, surveys, and other tasks are undertaken promptly. As a law firm, we can further assist you in obtaining a Turkish residence permit if you require so. If you are a property owner in Turkey, you are advised to get a legal consultation on Turkish inheritance law, as Turkish law will apply.

Our Services include:

  • Conduct the requisite checks at the Land Registry and Municipality Offices to ensure that the vendor is legally entitled and authorized to sell the property.
  • Investigating, arranging, and confirming that the property has the necessary zoning and housing planning approval, construction permits, habitation certificates, etc.
  • Ascertaining that the property is not restricted by debts, liens, or conflicting property rights and that no taxes are due to be paid on the property.
  • Preparing the sales contract.
  • Obtaining a tax identification number and opening a local bank account.
  • Transferring the title deed into the name of the new owner(s).
  • Property sale and/or purchase foreign funds transfer assistance.
  • Property valuation assistance for Turkish residency compliance.
  • Connecting your utilities and arranging billing.
  • Applying for a residence permit on your behalf.
  • Providing advice on the management of the board of property owners.



Turkey attracts more foreigners each year as it is known for being a warm welcoming country for foreigners. Immigrations Lawyers in Antalya are glad to assist you with the process of your residence permit applications with updated information on the topic, as the policies may change from time to time.

  • Applications of Ikamet or Turkish Temporary Residency Card (TRC), Residency Renewals, and Long-term Residency applications
  • Students’ residency application filings.
  • Tourists ‘Residency applications for an extended stay in Turkey.
  • Citizenship for Turkey.
  • Temporary Residency applications with a property purchase in Turkey.
  • Filing of Appeals for refused residency applications in Antalya.



  • Establishing companies with native and foreign capital

    As a law firm, we take our client’s request with its own circumstances. We evaluate your needs and direct you to the suitable type of company that fits your needs. We wish to take the opportunity of the establishment of companies as the beginning of a long-term attorney and-client relationship in Turkish Commercial life.

  • Preparing cross-border contracts

    We are specialized in preparing/evaluating cross-border contracts in the appropriate English language.

  • Appearing in court on behalf of international clients.

  • Performing mediations between parties in dispute.


Criminal Law

We provide legal services to our clients at every stage of Turkish Criminal Law in Antalya with 15 years of experience. We protect our clients’ rights during any investigations or criminal court cases.

In the area of Criminal Law, our office provides legal support to our clients for making complaints before the prosecutor’s office, defense on behalf of the defendant, and follow-up of all cases arising from Turkish Criminal Law. 


Family Law

  • Divorce cases

    Divorce cases must be handled with their own circumstances, especially if there is a foreign element such as one of the spouses is foreign or one of the spouse may living outside of Turkey or it may even be that your marriage is not registered in Turkey however you are not able to get a divorce in the foreign country where your marriage is registered as you have been living in Turkey. As divorce lawyers, we have experience in such cases.


Probate & Inheritance Law

We assist you with legal proceedings in anywhere in Turkey regarding the transfer of property or other Estate after the death of Foreigner person and obtaining a Turkish probate/Turkish certificate of inheritance.

As there has been an increase in the number of foreigners buying property and living in Turkey in years,  there have been legal inquiries by the relatives/heirs of the deceased foreigner who owned property or held a bank account in Turkey.

Transferring the title deed of the property into the name of the legal heirs/beneficiaries of the foreigner deceased and withdrawing the money from the deceased’s bank account may be problematic for Foreigners heirs due to the Legal and procedural system in Turkey, where the inheritance process are also involved with the bureaucracy.

When a person dies in Turkey, the legal heirs/beneficiaries must obtain a certificate of inheritance whether the deceased is Turkish or not however, Turkish citizens can obtain the document from the local notary, the foreigner heirs cannot.

Foreigner heirs must obtain a certificate of inheritance from the court. Obtaining the document from the court, there are certain required documents that need to be submitted to the court with notarized translations. The Turkish Tax office must follow the procedural law after obtaining the Turkish determination of heirship from the court. Then taking both the certificate of inheritance and tax dismissal document to the title deed office and the bank, the transfer procedure can start. We handle such cases with experience lawyers in Antalya, Alanya, Kaş, Serik, Side, Fethiye, Kalkan, and Kemer. Citizenship by Investment in Turkey