Turkey attracts more foreigners each year as it is known for being a warm, welcoming country for foreigners. Immigrations Lawyers in Antalya are glad to assist you with the process of your residence permit applications and the acquisition of Turkish citizenship with updated information on the topic, as the policies may change occasionally.

Ceyda YG Law Firm is a renowned Turkish law firm offering comprehensive legal services globally with English-speaking Turkish lawyers and attorneys. As an immigration law firm in Antalya, Turkey, we handle legal matters with the precision of a full-service Turkish law firm, focusing on results-oriented solutions. If you’re seeking an immigration lawyer in Antalya, Turkey, Ceyda YG Law Firm is here to assist you.

Turkish Immigration Lawyers & Attorneys in Antalya

Our immigration attorneys in Antalya, Turkey, can assist individuals considering migrating to Turkey with various legal services, assistance, and counsel. It is essential to comprehensively understand Turkey’s immigration laws and regulations to align with the criteria and avoid immigration denials properly.

You are welcome to speak with one of our Turkish immigration experts to learn more about acquiring a Turkish visa, residence permit, or work permit. We can assist you with your relocation to Turkey.

Furthermore, Turkish immigration legislation in Antalya is among the obstacles to international employees in Turkey. The Turkish immigration expertise that international organisations and companies seek may be found at Ceyda YG Law Firm.

Our Turkish immigration attorneys are all bilingual and competent in English, too. Our Turkish immigration lawyers in Antalya work hard to ensure that our clientele is completely satisfied.

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  • Applications of Ikamet or Turkish Temporary Residency Card (TRC), Residency Renewals, and Long-term Residency applications

  • Students’ residency application filings.

  • Tourists ‘Residency applications for an extended stay in Turkey.

  • Citizenship for Turkey.

  • Temporary Residency applications with a property purchase in Turkey.

  • Filing of Appeals for refused residency applications in Antalya.

Contact the top lawyers in Turkey for Turkish Immigration Law

  1. Applications for Ikamet or Turkish Temporary Residency Card (TRC): Our experienced immigration lawyers in Antalya will assist you in obtaining a Turkish Temporary Residency Card, ensuring you meet all requirements and submit a successful application.
  2. Residency Renewals and Long-term Residency Applications: We handle the seamless renewal of your residency status in Turkey and guide you through the application process for long-term residency, providing up-to-date information on the changing policies.
  3. Students’ Residency Application Filings: Our dedicated team assists international students in obtaining residency permits for their studies in Turkey, helping them focus on their education without worrying about the paperwork.
  4. Tourists’ Residency Applications for Extended Stay in Turkey: We facilitate extending your stay in Turkey beyond the standard tourist visa, ensuring you can explore the country’s beauty and culture to the fullest extent.
  5. Citizenship for Turkey: Our firm guides you through the complex process of obtaining Turkish citizenship, making your dream of becoming a Turkish citizen a reality with expert legal support.
  6. Temporary Residency Applications with Property Purchase in Turkey: If you’re looking to invest in Turkish real estate, we assist in securing a temporary residency permit through property ownership, streamlining the immigration process with the help of our property lawyers.
  7. Filing of Appeals for Refused Residency Applications in Antalya: If your residency application is denied, we offer legal expertise to appeal the decision, increasing your chances of successfully obtaining residency in Antalya.