Family Law

Family Law Antalya, Turkey

All families in Turkey are registered with the local Vital Statistics, and every change that may appear in a family’s structure must be mentioned to the Turkish authorities. Marriages are also registered with the local authorities in Turkey. The Family Law in Turkey is well structured and comprises information about a wide range of topics that can be explained by one of our Turkish lawyers.

Ceyda YG’s Family Law Department provides legal advice and litigation services for its clients’ inquiries about Civil Law, Family Law (Marriage and Divorce), and the Law of Inheritance (Inheritance Cases). Our Antalya Family Lawyers and Attorneys thoroughly look after our clients’ matters, considering the possible consequences of certain transactions.

Ceyda YG believes that only such a holistic approach can bring complete protection to the high interests of its clients. MGC Legal’s services for private matters of our clients are categorised as “Family Suit” because our Turkish Family Lawyers and Attorneys are in close consultation with other departments.

Divorce in Turkey

The divorce procedures can be started by a Turkish lawyer with the power of attorney given by one of the spouses in front of a public notary. The spouses may choose if the trial is open to the public or will take place with closed doors. The Turkish judge may offer a period of three years for the reconciliation of the two spouses. After this period, if the two spouses continue to ask for a divorce, the judge will give them a court decision in this regard.

Here are other important aspects related to a divorce in Turkey, as stipulated by the Family Law in Turkey:

  • Unreasonable behaviour, mental disease, adultery, maltreatment, and leaving the conjugal house for more than a year are severe grounds for divorce in Turkey.

  • Consensual divorce and contentious divorce are permitted in Turkey. In both cases, one of our lawyers in Turkey can offer legal representation.

  • A contested divorce starts with a petition submitted to the court of law.

  • In the case of a consensual divorce, this procedure can be adopted if the couple is married for at least one year.

  • Regarding foreigners getting a divorce in Turkey, the law of the country where they live or reside is applicable.

  • Child custody, support, and maintenance, plus the distribution of assets, are generally discussed at the beginning of the divorce procedure. Both spouses must agree on these aspects.

Divorce cases

Divorce cases must be handled according to their circumstances. Especially if there is a foreign element, such as one of the spouses is foreign or one of the spouses living outside of Turkey, or it may even be that your marriage is not registered in Turkey; however, you are not able to get a divorce in the foreign country where your marriage is registered as you have been living in Turkey. As divorce lawyers, we have experience in such cases.

Our Antalya Family Law Services 

  • Uncontested divorce case
  • Contested divorce case
  • Litigation of the property regime
  • Alimony and compensation cases
  • Recognition and enforcement proceedings
  • Custody cases
  • Alimony adaptation case
  • Collection of alimony and compensation receivables
  • Removal of the violent spouse from the home

Why Ceyda Family Lawyer Service?

  • Uncontested Divorce Case: Our expert Antalya family lawyers simplify the divorce process, ensuring a smooth and amicable dissolution of your marriage when both parties agree on the terms.

  • Contested Divorce Case: When disputes arise in divorce matters, we provide solid legal representation, advocating for your rights and interests in court to achieve a fair resolution.

  • Litigation of the Property Regime: We specialise in handling complex property disputes during divorce, ensuring the equitable distribution of assets and properties by Turkish family law.
  • Alimony and Compensation Cases: Our Antalya legal team assists clients in seeking and defending against alimony and compensation claims, striving to secure a fair financial outcome.

  • Recognition and Enforcement Proceedings: We guide you through the process of recognising and enforcing court orders related to family law matters, including child custody and support orders, across borders if needed.

  • Custody Cases: Our dedicated Family lawyers in Antalya protect your parental rights and work towards securing custody arrangements that prioritise the well-being of your children.

  • Alimony Adaptation Case: We help clients adapt alimony agreements to changing circumstances, ensuring financial support remains just and appropriate over time.

  • Collection of Alimony and Compensation Receivables: If you’re facing difficulties in receiving court-ordered payments, our firm can assist in enforcing the collection of alimony and compensation receivables.

  • Removal of the Violent Spouse from the Home: In cases involving domestic violence, we take swift legal action to protect your safety by securing court orders for the removal of the abusive spouse from the home.