Our Antalya Law Firm is referred by the United Kingdom,
to the UK citizens for lawyer Service in Turkey


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Our Antalya Law Firm Is Referred By The United Kingdom,
To The UK Citizens For Lawyer Service In Turkey


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The requirements and expectations of the Anglo-Saxon client often differ from those of a local Turkish client in substance and style of practice. As dedicated Antalya Attorneys, we offer a unique advantage by seeing transactions from an international perspective on real estate law, family law, immigration law, criminal law, corporate law, and probate/ inheritance law in Antalya, ensuring that our clients receive explanations tailored to this global outlook.


Building Relationships, Achieving Results, and Fostering Trust.

Providing comprehensive legal solutions tailored to your needs in Antalya.

Serving Domestic and Global Clients’ Legal Needs.

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Get quick insights into legal trends in Turkey, case studies, and important changes in the legal landscape. Empower yourself with knowledge to make informed decisions for your legal matters.

Practice Areas

From Real Estate to Immigration, Corporate to Criminal Law, Family Law to Probate and inheritance Law, we are committed to providing tailored solutions in Antalya, Turkey, as a law firm that protects your rights and navigates the complexities of the legal landscape.

We can smooth the process of purchasing property in Antalya, Turkey, for you, making sure that you are fully protected legally and accurately advised at all stages of the purchase in a timely manner.

As a law firm, we are glad to assist you with the process of your residence permit applications with a piece of updated information on the topic, as the policies may change from time to time.

If you are both a local and international company and a business based abroad but with an increasing Turkish market presence, your problems and opportunities raise legal issues we are well-positioned to address.

It is advised to consult a Turkish divorce lawyer to learn your legal rights. There is lots of information on the internet however you always get the right information from a divorce lawyer.

About us

Welcome to Ceyda YG Law Office, your trusted partner in legal matters, including the Acquisition of Turkish Citizenship and Resident Permit in Turkey. With a deep-rooted commitment to excellence, we specialize in diverse practice areas to cater to your legal needs. Our seasoned team of experienced Antalya lawyers is dedicated to providing top-notch law representation and guidance in Real Estate Law, Immigration law, Corporate, Criminal Law, Family Law, Probate, and Inheritance Law.

At Ceyda YG, we understand that each case is unique and requires personalized attention. With a blend of expertise, innovation, and unwavering dedication, we navigate the complexities of the legal landscape to achieve favorable outcomes for our clients. Whether you’re a business in need of comprehensive corporate legal assistance or an individual seeking guidance through family matters, our client-centric approach ensures that you receive the highest level of service.

Trust Ceyda YG Law Office to stand by your side, advocate for your rights, and pave the way for a more just tomorrow.


Some Kind Words From Our Customers

Some Kind Words From Our Customers

“Outstanding Work”

Ceyda YG law Firm has been my trusted legal partner for years. Their team’s expertise and dedication resolved my case swiftly and effectively. Highly recommended!

John D


I was impressed by the personalized attention I received at Ceyda YG law Firm. They listened to my concerns and provided expert legal advice that put my mind at ease.

Emily S

“Exceptional service!”

Exceptional service! Ceyda YG law Firm ‘s commitment to professionalism and integrity truly sets them apart. They guided me through a complex legal matter with utmost care.

Emma P

Frequently Asked Question

Frequently Asked Question

The Notification will have been sent to that old address because you informed the Authorities that it was your place of abode previously.  It is up to you to correct  your address on all government forms and registers, keeping it current as you move.  The Judiciary uses the address you gave them, which in law is perceived to be current.  As a result, the claim of not having received the Notification because you no longer live at that address is no defense unless you can demonstrate that you had supplied a correct version.

Should you not be at home when the Notification was issued, an ‘alert’ will be pasted on your door, telling you that your Notification has been left with your neighborhood governor or Muhtar.  The date on which the Muhtar receives the Notification is considered, in law, to be the date when you yourself were issued it.  The legal clock has started ticking.  In the event that you discover such documentation on your door, act on it immediately – find out what it is about and move forward to resolve it.

Any ‘Notification’ from these bodies is sent to inform you of an official transaction.  These are in turn the result of complicated legal processes which you may lose if you neglect to act  upon the Notification in a timely manner.  Be aware that when a Notification reaches you this means that a judicial action has been started in which you are named and to which you must respond.  Should you not respond when you are the opponent in a Civil Court, this will be taken to mean that you deny all claims against you.  Should you not respond when you are the claimant in a Civil Court, it means that you forfeit important rights such as the primary submission of evidence to the Court and the opportunity to respond to the evidence presented by the other party.  If you neglect to respond to Payment Orders issued by Civil Enforcement Offices, it is taken to mean that you accept responsibility for the debt and undertake to pay the sum charged.  Perhaps most crucially, should you fail to respond to the Notification issued by the Criminal Court, you risk arrest by the police.

The short answer is – how long is a piece of string?  Every case is different, and the length of time it takes for one to proceed does not guarantee that the next one will operate at the same pace.  However, the Turkish Justice Ministry has published some statistics that offer enlightenment.  In 2007 it took 202 days, on average, to try a case in Turkey.  However, the actual figure varies widely from court to court.  A case filed in the Civil Court of Intellectual Property took, on average, 619 days; one in the Commercial Court was settled in 410 days; in a Labor Court in 441 days, in the Family Court a more acceptable 157 days, and in the Civil Courts of Peace a positively speedy 108 days.  It is worth remembering that during August much of the Turkish Judiciary is in recess, so only certain types of lawsuits may proceed with their court hearings.

Turkish law doesn’t allow claimants to seek reimbursement for their fees.  The logic behind this principle is that people might be deterred from fighting a case in court if they thought they risked liability for their opponent’s fees should they lose.

Residence permits are city-specific, requiring a new permit for relocation. Holders must inform the immigration office of address changes. Residence permits do not grant work rights; for employment, a Turkish work permit is necessary, obtained separately.

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